…and so it begins

So where should I start with building a CPU? I think I’ll begin by jotting down some thoughts of things I’d like to accomplish.

First and foremost, I want to build all the logic using only NAND gates. That’s not to say I won’t abstract them into components like multiplexers and adders as I go “up” in the design. I’m pretty sure connecting hundreds of NAND gates individually would get pretty tedious 🙂

Second, I want to be able to actually run programs on my CPU. I’m not ready to delve deep into IC electronics just yet which that means I’ll need some kind of logic gate simulator. I’ve found a few software packages that show promise (I’ll get back to you on my next post) but I’m tempted to try writing my own. Something simple…maybe just emulate a few thousand NAND gates, hook them up and see what happens!

Third, speaking of programming the CPU, I’d be happy with just a basic assembly language – but once I get things up and running I might try my hand at a high-level language compiler…maybe even a minimal OS…I can dream.

Ultimate goal?

What is your name?
> Trevor
Hello Trevor

Oh, and I’ve decided to nickname my CPU “Nandy”. Combine NAND with a once-popular home computer brand from the 1980’s…

As a final note for tonight, I thought I’d share some links I found inspirational:

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